Amazing Information About The Occult Rock Band Ghost

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If you’re a fan of the occult, you’ll love this article. We’ve gathered some amazing information about the occult rock band Ghost, and we believe you’ll find it fascinating. From their controversial history to their mysterious lyrics, we’ve got everything you need to know about this enigmatic group. So be sure to read on to learn more!

1. Professional choirs declined to join them in song.
When Ghost was in Nashville, Tennessee, recording their second album, Infestissumam, in 2014, they ran into some difficulties. Because of their music’s demonic overtones, none of the choirs they approached agreed to perform with them; one vocalist was so outraged he almost broke down in tears.
The choral parts of Ghost’s songs were ultimately recorded in Hollywood because choirs there were less offended by the odd topics of their music.
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2. US Record Producers Disapproved Their Creations
Four CD producers objected to part of Ghost’s artwork because they thought it was sacrilegious, which caused the publication of Infestissumam to be postponed by one week. The producers objected when the band intended to include a graphic 16th-century artwork of a close-knit group encounter.
Ghost ultimately swapped out this controversial artwork for less contentious images from the standard edition, although vinyl and European editions of the album still contain the famed cover art.
3. 2016’s “Square Hammer” was named by Loudwire as the best metal song of the decade.
“Square Hammer,” from Ghost’s second EP Popestar, which was released in September 2016, was named the Metal Song of the Decade by Loudwire at the end of 2019. Tobias Forge said in an interview with Loudwire that the underlying riff originated from one of his earlier tracks and that he thought it was “far too amazing” to go undetected.
In the end, “Square Hammer” became the band’s most popular YouTube video and reached No. 1 on Billboard’s list of the Best Mainstream Rock Songs.
Forge claimed that “Square Hammer” was inspired by the need for a “huge opener” as Ghost started playing bigger venues. Additionally, in order to capture the dazzling intensity of their live performances, they “placed a lot of humorous little bits” throughout the song, such as allusions to movies like Nosferatu and Metropolis.
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4. Because of his church experiences, the lead singer adopted Satanism.
Forge, and his mother frequented numerous churches when they were little. Ironically, it was these churches that ultimately inspired Forge to look for other sources of motivation. He examined the architecture and furnishings of churches rather than treating them as places of prayer.
Forge’s success depended on a historic Catholic church in Linköping, Sweden. “I think it triggered a lot of the resistance that made me, in my teens, undoubtedly throw my hands into Satan’s grasp,” he reflected.
5. Their Followers Are Safe Their Real Selves
Ghost’s followers are the most devoted in the business. The members of Ghost kept their identities a secret for a long time, but they routinely met fans outside of costume after concerts.
Despite this, their admirers never snapped pictures of them or exposed who they were.
6. Metal Music And The Rolling Stones Equally influenced them.
The inspirations of extreme heavy metal bands, horror films, and Satanism are clear in Ghost’s album cover, promotional images, and live performances.
However, the Rolling Stones, particularly “Sympathy for the Devil” and the studio album Their Satanic Majesties Request, have had just as much of an impact on Ghost’s music.
7. They discussed ABBA.
Ghost has actually covered “I’m a Marionette” by Swedish pop group ABBA, despite the group’s eerie, metal aesthetic. The drummer on the track is Nirvana and Foo Fighters legend, Dave Grohl.
On the same day that Ghost launched “Secular Haze,” the song also came out.
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