Ghost B.C. Facts: 10 Things You Should Know About The Swedish Metal High Priests

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If you’re a fan of metal, then chances are you’ve heard of Ghost B.C. The Swedish metal band has been making waves in the music world for quite some time now, and their latest album, Meliora, is definitely worth checking out. Music and image go hand in hand, whether it’s the comic book space demons of KISS, the flannel and battles of grunge in the 1990s, or the skinny black jeans and white hi-tops of thrash metal in the 1980s.

However, very few bands nowadays go so far as to make their stage presence as significant as their music. A singular exception is a Ghost. The concept, history, and complex visuals that accompany the band’s mere existence are as essential to their concerts as the band’s use of guitars or drums.

In this blog post, we’ll be taking a look at ten things you should know about Ghost B.C.

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1. United States ban

Ghost hasn’t always benefited from its divisive image, lyrical themes, and artwork. They couldn’t locate a choir in Nashville, where they were holed up in the studio, that was willing to record the band’s lyrics when they needed one for the Infestissumam album. Additionally, due to the visual nature of the artwork, no U.S. manufacturer was willing to take on the job when it came to pressing the album. No chain stores, T.V. shows, or commercial radio stations would play Ghost’s music in the band’s early years either. Over the years, mainstream America seems to have warmed to them: Ghost made an appearance on a Stephen Colbert Halloween-themed Late Show in October 2015.

2. As a Nameless Ghoul in the past, Dave Grohl

Despite the fact that nobody knows who the Nameless Ghouls are, they are quite approachable to fans who linger out by the backstage entrance after the performance. There is much speculation as to who the other members of Ghost may be, but the die-hards respect the band’s privacy and refrain from taking any sleazy selfies on social media. But in an interview with Jack Osbourne for Fuse News in August 2013, it was established that Dave Grohl, the drummer for the Foo Fighters and a former member of Nirvana, had once donned the Nameless Ghouls costume to perform with them live. The 2013 E.P. If You Have Ghost by Ghost was also produced by him.

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3. The live band differs from the recorded one in some ways

In response to the 2017 royalties battle, which disclosed the identities of Ghost’s several frontmen, Forge publicly shared his opinion of the group. He described Ghost as a solo endeavor that made use of hired musicians to perform his work live. In the studio, Forge frequently records all the instruments by himself, bringing in his favorite musicians when he thinks they will be useful. Additionally, because every Ghost touring member also plays in other bands, Forge prefers to give them time off in between tours so they can focus on their other endeavors and return to the band with new energy.

4. Multiple Influences
Musically speaking, you don’t always get what you see. Although King Diamond and Mercyful Fate’s black metal served as Forge’s primary musical inspiration, you might be shocked to hear a much stronger pop and AOR influence in Ghost’s songs. Although Ghost’s sound has been compared to a variety of musical styles, including hard rock, doom metal, psychedelic rock, arena rock, and prog rock, Forge explains that its influences range from classic rock to the severe underground metal bands of the 1980s, cinematic scores, and the magnificence of emotive harmonic music, with their roots in black metal.

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We have learned four more interesting things about this group. What did you already know? Please wait patiently for our website‘s next six equally interesting things in part two.