Why Ghost Is Actually Amazing Currently

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The rock band Ghost B.C. is currently in the middle of a tour that has been drawing rave reviews from music critics and fans alike. But despite all the hype, some people are still unsure about why this band is so amazing. In this blog post, we’ll try to answer that question by explaining what Ghost B.C. does well and why their current tour is so impressive.

1. The flexibility of songwriting
Ghost can write in so many various genres, unlike your average kvlt black metal band or beer-chugging thrash outfit. Whether they’re emulating Blue yster Cult with “Elizabeth,” going in the opposite direction with an uptempo rocker like “Rats,” or unleashing the oh-so-pop-sensible “Spillways,” Ghost knows how to write a diverse range of songs that draw from a variety of inspirations while yet remaining original.

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2. The Unnamed Ghouls
Speaking of those Ghouls, Papa Emeritus IV is undoubtedly the star of the show when you attend a Ghost performance. That is not to discount the Nameless Ghouls’ considerable brilliance and enjoyment, though. The Ghouls and Ghoulettes and their constantly changing wardrobe are a remarkable skill in and of themselves, whether it’s the guitarists who can shred, the supporting vocalists who provide energy to the ritual, or the drummer who destroys it night after night.

3. Expenditure on the Live Show
Concertgoers should get the most value for their money, given that today’s ticket prices are rising at an economical rate that is already thigh-high with inflation. Ghost makes sure that their fans get an experience that includes elaborate stagecraft, replete with pyro, a breathtaking backdrop that takes you somewhere else, and a stage full of ghouls who perform each night under Papa’s careful eye.

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4. The Keytar Solos
With its vintage sound and eerie atmosphere, Ghost’s first two albums brought back a lot of memories of the 1970s. The keytar was first used to capitalize on the decadent 80s’ yearning for the decade that came after. However, it’s not simply the addition of the keytar that gives the band such a strong new element; it’s also the way in which one of the Ghoulettes seamlessly incorporates it into the song “Mummy Dusk.”

5. Music videos: A Master Form
MTV used to broadcast music videos not too long ago. Several music videos. Furthermore, no 16-year-old girl who was pregnant was in sight. However, my kids haven’t even heard of MTV in recent years. But now that YouTube has been developed, music videos can still be a very powerful medium for bringing visuals to music, and Ghost accomplishes it so masterfully by drawing heavily from the heyday of Music Television.

6. Outstanding Album Art
Ghost’s album covers are extremely detailed and give us a lot to experience and consider. They are occasionally influenced by vintage horror movie posters. Ghost transports us back to the time when a record’s cover served to sell it while you explore your neighborhood record shop, whether it be the cover of an LP or a single. The covers for Ghost are complete works of art that stand alone and deserve to be displayed, especially if you catch the movie reference. It also doesn’t hurt to include some of the top artists, like Zbiginiew Bielak.

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7. Ghost is very enjoyable
While “clergy” members like Sister Imperator can make absurd claims and devise overt plans to convert as many people to their particular brand of Satanic monotheism, the supporting cast members do it in an amusing and enjoyable way. Unless, of course, you’re a zealot in your religion… then perhaps not.
Ghost is about producing theater with a dynamic and captivating plot that keeps growing. Whether they are “real metal” or even if they truly believe what they preach to the masses is up for debate, but at its core, Ghost is about creating art that is compelling, approachable, and for many people, miraculous.
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